A New Direction for Wild Rose Interactive

29 Jul

Wild Rose Interactive was launched with the idea of making story-focused games. In particular, it was focused on creating one story. I worked on that story for four years. After four years and still being nowhere close to finished, I had to make a decision. I needed to either finish the game or try working on something else.

I decided to work on something else.

On April 11th, I released If I Say I Love You. This five-minute-long game played with one of the fundamental facets of the visual novel. Instead of using a menu to select a pre-written response from a list, a player would type in responses. I released it on itch.io.

The game received a mixed reception. Many people were critical of the game’s difficulty, which I tried to fix by patching the game, and the fact that the characters were uninteresting and boring. That was harder to fix.

If I Say I Love You received 605 views and 75 downloads.

The ABST Practice Quiz was my second project. It was a simple quiz that featured more than 150 questions. I initially released it as a downloadable title for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.

This did fairly well, but I thought having to download the program was causing some people to turn away. That was when I discovered Ren’Py Web. This tool packaged games made in Ren’Py into an HTML5 app. Even though the tool is in beta, I decided to try it. Since the web version launched 5 days ago, the web app has been played 16 times.

Hopefully, the future holds more success for Wild Rose Interactive. I am going to try to keep developing games and projects that don’t take long to develop. This way, I learn with every project.


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