No Good Wife

No Good Wife contains mature subject matter and coarse language. Please use discretion when choosing to play this game.

No Good Wife Promotional Image, including the main characters and a tagline. 

Every marriage has its problems, even the ones where the husband doesn’t have a boyfriend. In No Good Wife, you play as Esther Fitzgerald, a newlywed setting into her home in Cambridge, England. Farris, her husband, works at a local law firm. They might look like any ordinary couple, but Farris and Esther have a secret: Farris is actually in a relationship with Virgil, a business student at King’s College. The year is 1947, and while the war is over, homosexuality is illegal. If they’re caught, Farris and Virgil An image of the characters in No Good Wife.could be jailed or castrated, and Esther would lose her reputation.

With the help of the lady next door, Esther tries to make do with her situation. Whether or not she succeeds is in your hands.

No Good Wife is a visual novel created in the Ren’Py engine. The game will be released for free. The story spans the first twelve months of Farris and Esther’s marriage, in which fictional and historical events intertwine to create a gripping narrative. There are many opportunities for players to make choices that affect the plot, eventually leading to one of three endings. Each ending is accompanied by its own CG.

No Good Wife is being created by a small team of visual novel enthusiasts from around the world.